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As you might have guessed we offer laptop and computer repair in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.  If you have a computer or laptop problem we are here to helps o give us a call now for a quote or if your shopping around you can email our engineers direct by filling the form in to the right of this page with your query.

laptop repair shop milton keynes
We operate an onsite repair service and have a small workshop centrally located.  No shop front keeps our costs down which helps us offer a very completive rate of repair/upgrade/service.

I had been gonna modernize my graphics card so I might possibly have fun playing the latest games for my pc however I had 2 problems.

1) I didn’t have the cash or budget to do this

2) I did not understand how to change out the graphics card on my own home pc.


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I contacted Laptop Repair Milton Keynes and they advised me on the best bang for money graphics card to purchase with the money I had. They even fitted the graphics card for free so I only had to pay for the actual components. First class service from these folks!

Andrew ~ Milton Keynes

remote it support

Remote computer Milton Keynes support is quite a unique concept within the computer and netbook repair business. Many computer companies are now basing their entire business around serving end users remotely.
There are a lot of advantages for a entrepreneur to offer remote pc repair they will turn out to be very noticeable when doing business under the remote computer repair structure.
Along with advantages additionally, hospital there are drawbacks and several challenges I wish to investigate with a bit more detail.
To begin with should you be providing remote computer support you can pretty much guarantee there’s a cost saving attached with not having to visit the company or persons place of work/home to correct their laptop or computer. This is actually a advantage to both the business and the client. No fuel to be charged means reduced expenses all round.
Next you have the fast reaction time of remote pc repair. Your client’s laptop is usually fixed just by phoning the remote computer repair company and within minutes there will be a computer technician remotely connected to your PC/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet dealing with your IT support problem.
Now both of these points I have summarised previously mentioned are usually things going for remote computer support. There are also a few problems to repairing a computer remotely.
Hardware problems happen in desktops and these can’t be repaired remotely. This could be a challenge for the user as well as the computer repair company. The customer will likely need to pay for a call out charge linked to the laptop/computer repair technician coming onsite to swap out the defective component. The repair company will have to book time and a technician to go on location and carry out the exchange out of existing faulty components. There is additionally the possibility that the repair service may need more than a single call out. The 1st to establish exactly what computer system component has went faulty. This may be everything from

  • Broken Ipad 2 panel
  • Defective hard disk drive
  • Bad memory
  • Power blown on PSU
  • Liquid damage to computer keys
  • Irregular problem
  • This not surprisingly isn’t a comprehensive list. If you’re fortunate the remote computer support company should have experienced engineers that will be in a position to identify the hardware fault prior to visiting, sovaldi sale however, not in all cases.

    The other problem with remote pc repair providers is computer virus and malware attacks. Commonly every time a trojan takes hold on a computer system the internet is blocked or perhaps the bandwidth is utilized by the trojan. In this case the technician might not be in the position to get connected to your laptop or computer to offer you remote computer repair. There are of course several straightforward methods around this difficulty such as starting your laptop up in safe mode together with networking enabled. Then launching the remote pc repair application. This typically receives round the trojan until such time that the Laptop/Computer technician has preformed all the important actions to clean off your pc of the virus.

    Remote Computer Support Apps

    So you might be reading this article and manage an IT service company well over the years most of us here are already supplying all kinds of remote computer repair and have employed numerous remote viewing tools in order to connect to user systems to provide IT help. Below is a number of a few of the software products we have used with some comments of our experiences.

    Teamview: Outstanding application along with easy to download client. Provides the additional advantage that you can do a remote restart into safe mode 5 Stars

    Goto Assist: this software program was made by the large corporate company Citrix around their own know-how. A little cumbersome to set up however it comes with the added benefit of “install as service” which performs magic if you’re trying to perform administrative tasks on domain work station.

    GFI Managment: This is a jack of all as well as the remote assistance part of the package is in fact merely team viewer. Hats off to GFI though – easy way keep customers and easily get connected to their systems using the GFI dashboard

    Join ME: Only just stared using this webapp. Looks very slick and such a little client software application. Nice looking web-site.

    VNC: It’s old school, employed this back in the day prior to any of the above remote computer repair software services. Aren’t able to fault it however I believe the others above offer up far more than what this does currently.

    Conclusion: All of the above remote pc repair systems have very good capabilities. I would likely not write anyone of them off. They all have their own minimal hickups but you’re going to get that when connecting via the internet to your users.

    Be part of our forum to ask any questions you may have about Remote Computer Support and where to start.

    Recovery solutions

    Laptop Repair Milton Keynes supply recover file solutions and help in Milton Keynes and also encircling regions.

    Ohh absolutely no my pc provides eliminate and I can’t end up in it! All my personal data files are stored on my personal computer which include my own images, viagra usa audio, video clips and many types of my personal email messages.
    Exactly what do I truly do?
    We aren’t in reality surprised to listen to such a query every week. Usually it’s since your harddrive offers unsuccessful on your own notebook or even a malware provides afflicted one’s body. Sometimes application revisions through Microsoft or perhaps your anti-virus manufacturer will bust the start-up technique of your pc as well as mobile computer right now enabling you to get in.
    The method regarding repairing this challenge ‘s what is known in the marketplace because data recovery. Here throughout Milton Keynes all of us perform data recovery in day to day pertaining to clients. Most small enterprises and also house consumers don’t perform backup copies of their files and that’s wherever many of us appear in. We possess tools and knowledge regarding how to receive the data off your whole body so that you can hop on once more.
    Our very best bit of suggestions is undoubtedly to always copy your data. Up until finally not too long ago many of us never had virtually any backup remedies ourselves. That had been until all of us heard of application named Mozy. All you should do is visit their website along with enroll in your totally free walk. A small down loadable deploy system runs using your personal computer as well as your details are then backed up automatically to the Mozy machines via the internet. You do not need to be worried about backs as well as sacrificing crucial computer data anymore. Best of most could be that the services are no cost is that you simply get 2GB of knowledge or even much less and it’s all automated!
    Currently time for file recovery! We restore information via laptop computer hard drives, desktop computer methods, apple mackintosh apples, hosts, raid arrays, camera/photo storage cards. You name the idea we could normally restore that. Sometimes the info storage space device might be horribly broken regarding hit a brick wall total in such cases we utilize a expert file recovery firm pertaining to hard to do recover file work opportunities.
    We all constantly estimate prior to completely a job so and it’s often totally free for people to consider your system and provide an insurance quote.

    Laptop power jacks

    laptop dc jack repairs in miton keynes
    One of the primary notebook computer maintenance issues is when the power port fails on a laptop. Often they’re referred to as Dc port, try power connection or power outlet. All of these names refer to the primary power port on a laptop.
    The netbook DC jack can stop working for several causes. Often we get potential customers coming to us which state that the laptop power jack seems to have failed when in truth it is actually the power charger and nothing related to the notebook computer itself.
    The electric power jack port malfunction are usually as a consequence of following factors:

    Snapped off: the electricity power cord has been boldy pulled from the notebook.

    Worn off: over time plugging as well as unplugging the electricity cord in to the laptop wears down the netbook dc jack port connection and the soldier joints can become wobbly

    Dropped the notebook: maybe you have dropped the laptop and the power jack has slipped directly into itself.

    These are just one or two of the reasons dc jack might have failed. Fortunately the majority of Electrical connections are incredibly affordable to exchange, pharm the price of a brand new jack port is just a few pounds based on the type of laptop computer.

    The primary expenditure when repairing a Power jack port on a laptop is the time involved. The whole entire notebook is required to be stripped down and taken apart to access the key logic board which houses the laptop computer Dc jack port. This involves usually between 1 hour to 2 hrs worth of work. Once the netbook has been dissembled it’s a case of de-soldering the previous Power jack and changing with a new Dc jack port.

    The new Dc port is then tested before re-constructing the notebook computer. When all assessments are accomplished it is a case of putting the laptop back together. This procedure is time intensive and as part of the process we tend to give the inner laptop elements a good clean because dirt can accumulate over the years and having a internally clean netbook can result in longer life span which is an additional value service that we offer.

    As mentioned the principle cost when it comes to repairing a notebook computer Power jack port is the time required thankfully this particular service is offered with a fixed price. At this time there are a few models of netbook where it could cost a little more to repair the Power jack port however this is because of the accessibility to components. You’ll come across some models of Sony VAIO notebooks and acer’s fall under this class nevertheless it a small percentage.
    dc jack
    As stated at the start of this short article sometimes we receive potential customers visiting us when they think there port is on the blink however after some initial tests the netbook charger is at fault. We use top of the range multi meter’s to assess the voltage from the notebook computer charger, if we don’t get a continual siginal from the wall charger then we swap the battery charger – this usually cures the problem. The additional benefit of testing both the Power jack port and charger is that often exchanging a notebook computer battery charger is a much easier and inexpensive solution.

    Sometimes it’s definitely not seriously worth the inconvenience!

    There was a customer in this month who has a laptop pc that they had fallen upon a concreate deck. The notebook hinge was snapped away however from the looks of it there was no more issues. This might possibly be a fairly easy patch up all of us believed. Virtually all that was considered necessary was a brand new hinge along with display lid for the display screen.

    But once we had the laptop computer taken apart with regard to testing reasons we identified that the notebook computer wasn’t starting or even coming on. On top of this the customer pointed out that the display screen had been incredibly distorted. Out of those additional two problems we discovered that the laptop motherboard seemed to be defective as was the laptop screen.

    The client had requested us for an insurance coverage document, viagra buy well after finding these additional two defects the netbook would be a write off. This would have be more pricey to order a completely new hinge, case and revive the motherboard and then swap the Lcd screen. In reality the type of notebook computer costs a lot less used on well known auction sites compared to the price of the quoted repair. It had not been worth the clients aggravation or our time to complete the repair on this laptop computer.

    Fortunately here at Laptop Repair Milton Keynes we always offer the client more than one solution to their dilemma and we often prefer to offer our customers the very best encounter from our service.

    We carried out an engineer’s examination document for the insurance company and faxed this off to them. Then phoned the customer and reported the bad news, it was not worth the repair and that they’d have to buy a completely new laptop computer. As we offer such great service we recovered the information off the netbook at no cost for the customer and provided a copy of the customer’s files on blank Dvds ready to be used with his brand new laptop.

    In return for all our effort we offered to reuse the laptop totally free! You see a faulty notebooks do keep some worth. The screen if still working was a wonderful matt 17 inch Lcd.

    These can be rather costly to source in excess of £70 so in the event that the display is still running we’ve just ended up saving ourself a several ££ off our following netbook lcd repair issue. There can be a plus aspect towards the misfortune of other people. This just happens to be ours. On the subject of malfunctioning laptop computers we provide money and can buy your old netbook as we can use some of the parts inside them.
    This includes the hard disc drive, however we tend to avoid using used HD’s in our repairs because of bad sectors along with other things such as the fact that the hard disk is essential towards the notebook computer operation and we would rather use brand-new hard disks in every our repairs.

    Laptop LCDs as stated might be re-used in alternative notebook computers. This has the additional advantage as the client has to pay out less for a refurbished screen or what exactly is regarded in the market as “B grade stock”
    Laptop computer memory may also be used within other computers, this is very useful if we are coming to speed up a netbook acquiring 2nd hand dimm sticks if large enough capacity is fantastic.

    We never fail to examination our 2nd hand memory prior to installing it in any other machine with our memory burn in screening software. This is regarded as the critical step to employing used Dimm’s in other systems.
    So if you employ a faulty notebook that’s gonna cost you an arm or possibly a lower-leg to correct (maybe both) don’t worry! Sit down back and unwind. You can sell it as defective and make use of the income to a new laptop or pc!

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